Borgert Pavers

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Color Guide

Cobble Series

Borgert Cobble Series

9x9, 6x9, 6x6, 3x6, 4x6


Cobble Circle

Borgert Cobble Circle

Center Circle  (special order)

Largle Circle Pieces  (special order)

3/4 Stones  (special order)


Borgert Cracovia

6x9, 6x6, 3x6
Large Circle  (special order)
3/4 Stones

Strassen Series

Borgert Strassen

8x13, 6x8, 4x6

Holland Stone

Borgert Holland Stone


4x8, 4x8 (1/2" thick)


Borgert Bavaria

11x16, 11x11, 11x5, 5x5, 3/4

Bavaria Circle

Borgert Bavaria Circle

Center Circle (special order)

Large Circle Pieces (special order)

3/4 Stones (special order)

Strassen Wall

Borgert Strassen Wall

Madera Wall

Borgert Madera Wall

Pallet A  (sold in 3 piece set only)

Pallet B  (sold in 2 piece set only)

Pallet C  (sold in 2 piece set only)

Panomur Wall

Borgert Panomur Wall

Wall Blocks  (45 pieces / pallet)

Split Cap Stones  (60 pieces / pallet)

Corner Blocks  (36 pieces / pallet)  (special order)

4' Step Units

Borgert 4' Steps

(special order)

Garden Wall

Borgert Garden Wall

100 pieces / pallet

Madera Column Blocks

Borgert Madera Column Blocks

54 pieces / pallet  (special order)

Bullet Border

Borgert Bullet Borders

Guinevere Fireplace

Borgert Guinevere Fireplace

Inc: 2-piece insert & 230 blocks

Barbeque Unit

Borgert BBQ Unit

Inc: Stainless steel cover, insert & blocks

(does not include pillars on either side in picture)


Paver Edging

Flexible or Rigid


Polymeric Sands

Polymeric Sand

Gator dust

Gator sand

Coverage: 90-120 square feet/bag (for pavers)

Concrete Adhesive

Super-Stik 28oz


Super-Stik 10oz


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